A trip to the museum can be a fun and informative day out for everyone, young or old. There are many different kinds of museums, offering all manner of exhibits. If you are in a big town or city with a number of museums, how do you pick which ones to visit if you only have a limited amount of time to spare?

Which museum you choose to visit will of course depend very much upon where your individual interests lie. What fascinates one person often bores another. If children are involved a museum that offers a good deal of interactive exhibits is often far more engaging for them than one just filled with artifacts in glass cases.

Often the best way to make this kind of decision is by word of mouth. Many times a family member or friend will be able to point you in the direction of an interesting museum that is really a must see, or which will simply be a boring waste of time and money.

You can also do what so many of us do these days and head out onto the internet for guidance. Most museums have an official website these days and visiting these sites can give you a good insight into the exhibits and activities you can expect to see at a particular institution, as well as how much it is likely to cost.

There are also a number of websites that offer consumer reviews and ratings of local businesses and attractions. These sites usually feature reviews and comments written by members of the general public, not by paid writers. Such reviews, since they are for the most part posted voluntarily can often be very helpful as they offer an unbiased opinion put forward by the average museum visitor just like you.