Many people these days look for a good entertainer, or group of entertainers to help liven up a party or social function. Whether you are looking for a clown, a Barney impersonator our even something a little more adult such as an erotic dancer, finding an entertainer who can actually put a little pop into a party can be a tall order. Such things are very rarely cheap, so doing a little research before you hire is a good idea.

Word of mouth may be helpful, especially if you are looking for a children's entertainer, one of the biggest markets for an entertainer. You may be able to find a friend, family member or colleague who can tell you if the Dora the Explorer impersonator she hired was good or whether they were so bad that the kids wandered away and started playing with gift wrap.

If you head to Internet for help, which most of us do these days, look for a site that offers reviews written by people who have hired the entertainer or entertainers you are considering using. There are a number of such good sites, and as the reviews on these sites are being written by consumers who are not being paid for their opinion, so their comments probably hold more weight, and will be more valuable than a review posted on a site that is being paid to say good things about certain entertainers, and perhaps even unfairly make bad comments about the competition. 

Before you hire any entertainer, make sure you set a price up front, not on the day, and that both you and the individual you are hiring understand how long they are expected to perform, and that they are aware of any subject matter or act that you wish them to avoid.