Disc Jockeys

There are a number of social occasions that just go so much better if you have a good disc jockey at the party. A bad disc jockey can ruin the best planned of weddings if he has your guests sitting bored against the walls all night. You really cannot rely on the disc jockey's own ad to make a great choice, after all he's going to tell you he's number one no matter what.

You may have a particular style of music that you want, or do not want played at your event. Call the disc jockey and ask him how extensive his music collection is, and if he is familiar with the style of music you want to hear. It might be a little disastrous if you hire a disc jockey that usually plays at Latin weddings to host a bar mitzvah.

Personality is of the greatest importance when it comes to hiring a DJ. The greatest music collection in the world , which is not so hard to accumulate these days as many DJs use such services as ITunes to play music through instead of records, tapes or CDs.

Word of mouth is a great way to find a DJ who can meet your needs. Try asking friends, family and colleagues if they know of, or have used a particular disc jockey that they were pleased with, or were perhaps disappointed with and would not recommend.

There are a number of websites you can find online that offer reviews of local businesses written by people who have use their services. These are the best reviews to go by, as the reviewers are not being paid to say good or bad things about a particular disc jockey's services, or how well they compare to other professionals in the field.