Comedy Clubs

There are a lot of comedy clubs out there. If you like seeing good stand up, you would probably like to find a good comedy spot to frequent on a regular basis.

Most comedy clubs are the first showcase for up and coming comedians and you may be able to catch a rising star before they hit the big time. That is after all how the majority of the world's biggest comedy stars past and present get their start at the local comedy club.

The style of comedy you enjoy will play a big factor; some clubs offer a more raucous style of comedy than others, so you could check out the artists that have appeared there in the past as well as those who are scheduled to appear to get an idea of the kind of comedy that is on offer, and whether the style is likely to make you laugh instead of frown about wasting time and money going to see an act that does not even make you crack a smile.

The Internet is the place most people head these days when they are looking for information. You can usually find a number of good, unbiased reviews of various local comedy clubs, as well as reviews of the performances of the individual comedian's appearing at a certain clubs act. Don't rely on a review completely though, after all some people think Jerry Seinfeld id a true comic genius, but to others he  is just an annoying, whining g New Yorker . People's tastes vary with comedy as much as anything else. You might even want to see if you can find a brief video or audio clip on the web that will let you get a preview of the kind of entertainment that you will be paying good money to see.