Virginia Beach is just one of these timeless beach towns, packed with summer fun and mile after mile of white sandy beaches. The two and a half mile long boardwalk is perfect for an afternoon stroll or a leisurely bike ride. If you do cover its whole length you will encounter a number of entertaining diversions that include a good sized amusement park, a dairy Queen which is officially the world's busiest, a Beatles Museum, and a Coast Guard Station that dates back to 1903 which now has a roof cam that kids can make use of to zoom in on the ships that are bobbing away on the horizon.

But even the most diehard of beach buffs needs a break from the sun and sand once in a while. A tour of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is a great day trip out of the sun's glare. This museum gives visitors a chance to meet all the plant and animal life that is found near the Virginia Coast. The antics of the playful river otters are a big draw, as is the shark exhibit. There is also a 70,000 gallon sea turtle exhibit and an IMAX movie theater.

You can find some of the best restaurants in Virginia Beach in the Resort Area of the city, specializing in delicious, freshly caught local seafood in particular. There are also dozens of shops in the Resort Area, as well as small art galleries. The nearby LynnHaven Mall is one of the largest on the East Coast and offers shoppers a cooling respite from the summer heat.

The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum is housed by the only remaining original Virginia Beach Boardwalk cottage, the de Witt cottage. There you will find an interesting visual representation of the history of Virginia Beach as well as many wildfowl artifacts and artworks. The Francis Land House is a 200 year old restored plantation home that is furnished with antiques that were owned by the gentry of the area in 18th and early 19th centuries.

In April of 1607, a group of about 100 English settlers landed in the Chesapeake Bay, where Virginia Beach is located and established the first elective government in English America. This historic event is reflected by the name of the most visited state park in the state of Virginia, First Landing State Park. The park boasts more than 19 miles of hiking trails that wind through a unique habitat that features lagoons, towering cypress trees and rare plants.

For those who enjoy a nice day at the beach, but prefer to avoid the crowds you normally find there, False Cape is a great place to visit. Over 4,000 acres of beach, False Cape can be found at the southern most corner of the city. Quiet and unspoiled it offers a calming retreat from the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk, and there are even some beach campsites for the more adventurous traveler to make use of at no charge.