Denver is the largest city in the American Rocky Mountain region, and yes, it really is a mile high. Denver is a dynamic, green city with a very youthful vibe.  It is the primary center of commerce, transportation and government in the state of Colorado, but also home to significant agriculture. Denver actually has the largest city parks system in the USA, with 205 parks within the city limits and a further 20,000 acres of public land in the mountains nearby. Contrary to what many believe, the weather in Denver is actually very pleasant, not at all harsh.

The architecture that can be seen in Denver reflects the city’s three big boom times.  Victorian, when vast quantities of silver were discovered in Leadville;  the turn of the twentieth century when prospectors found gold in cripple creek, and the eighties, when the energy boom added 16 contemporary skyscrapers to the downtown skyline. The lower end of the downtown area, called LoDo by local residents, has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of Victorian buildings and former factories. Many of these have been refurbished and converted into offices, restaurants and shops. This is also a brewing center, with six large brew pubs that all brew 6-8 exclusive beers.

Denver also has a central downtown area. All within walking distance of each other are 5,200 hotel rooms, a convention center, a performing arts complex and a large variety of shops. It also hoses some of the city’s top tourist attractions including the U.S Mint and the Denver Art Museum. There is a pedestrian mall that runs a full mile in length that is surrounded by a numbers of plazas and parks that provide great viewpoints from which to admire the modern architecture.

For the tourist, or citizen of the city seeking great recreational fun, Denver has a lot to offer. Since 1995 downtown Denver has been the home of Six Flags Elitch Gardens, which has 48 new and thrilling rides as well as formal gardens , restaurants and shops. Downtown Denver is also the location of the infamous Coors field, infamous because the baseball goes flying right out the stadium at the home of the Colorado Rockies. The field is a hitter’s dream and a pitcher’s worst nightmare. Another big tourist attraction is the Ocean Journey, a large aquarium featuring both salt and freshwater species.

The Mile High Trail is a number of walking tours that weave all over the downtown area. Then there are the countless outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed in and around Denver. Boating, rafting, climbing hiking and skiing, to name just a few, are all available year round.

The nightlife in Denver is truly a reflection of the young nature of the city, and the brew pubs brew more beer than any other city in the nation, right in front of your eyes.