In the past few decades the city of Cleveland has rebuilt and transformed itself into a vibrant destination for everyone. The Cuyahoya River was once badly polluted and the buildings around it neglected and run down. It has now been cleaned up, and is home to a thriving nightclub district. The Nautica Queen and the Goodtime III show tourists the beauty of the Lake Erie, and trendy restaurants, shops and galleries fill the refurbished Warehouse District.

The city's sporting spirit was restored when their beloved Browns made a return to Cleveland, and Cleveland is of course now home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So what should you not miss when on a visit to new Cleveland?
If you are out at night, a trip to the aforementioned River Flats is a must. The district has attractions and venues that span both sides of the river and has some really good dance clubs and bars, There are also some very good restaurants that are very suitable for family dining.

Though you might be surprised to find it in such a hustling busy city, the Park District offers 19,000 acres of greenery for those who enjoy the great outdoors to explore. There are opportunities to go hiking, fishing , biking or boating. If walking is not quite your thing though, you can explore much of Cleveland aboard Lolly the Trolley, a bright red vehicle that has been used for guided tours of the city for over 14 years.

For those most interested in art and culture, Cleveland has a number of museums to suit every taste. Most of them are located in University Circle , which is a 488 acre campus full of cultural, religious and educational organizations. The heart of the circle is home to the Cleveland Musuem of Art, which is considered to be one of the finest in the entire country.

Much like the very music it pays homage to, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is anything but a stuffy old museum. Its wide open architecture and great eye catching exhibits are the definition of rock cool. There are many artifacts on display that are gifts or on loan from the collections of some of rock and roll's biggest stars.

When it comes to eating out in Cleveland, it is ethnic food that tends to rule the day. From spicy Mexican Burritos to Polish kielbasa smothered in mustard, an Ohio delicacy, most cuisines are well represented. There are good "restaurant rows" all over Cleveland, with some of the newer, and pricier ones located in in the Flats and Warehouse districts. Ohio City, Little Italy and the Downtown area are where you will find some great restaurants that have been in business in the city for many years, and reflect the tough no nonsense spirit that is really the heart of Cleveland.

For however much the look of the city has changed over the last for years it is the no nonsense, hardworking people of Cleveland that really gives the city its heart.