Whether you are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or one of the other great places that casino gambling is allowed, you will most certainly be faced with a bewildering choice, which of the many casinos is right for me to choose?

Sometimes the decision will depend on the type of gaming you enjoy. Some casinos have great blackjack tables but rather poor slots. Or they have great slot action but no roulette tables to speak of.  Try asking lobby staff before you enter how much of each different casino game is on offer at their establishment

There are many themed casinos, and perhaps a certain atmosphere is particularly appealing to you, after all a trip to the casino is as much about having a great, fun time as it is about winning money for most people.

All casinos offer player bonuses and promotions to try and lure gamblers away from their competition across the street. Keep track of what casinos are offering, as they change their bonus offerings on a regular basis. These bonuses usually take the form of free meals, alcoholic beverages and credits to spend at the casino itself. Some of them have conditions in the fine print that you may overlook, so read the offer carefully before you choose a casino based solely on the bonuses on offer that week.

The local media is a good place to check for decent and objective reviews of the various casinos in the area. If you are headed to the Internet to find a great casino, try to find a site that has unbiased reviews of the casinos, written by people who play, rather than trusting the reviews on a site that is being paid to write good things about the action at a particular casino over another.