Auto Rentals

If you find yourself in need of an auto rental, whether you are on vacation or a business trip, or your own vehicle is out of action for a while, the choice can be bewildering. There are a lot of auto rental businesses out there in every area. So how do you choose which auto rental company to rent a vehicle from?

If you have certain needs, such as a larger SUV type vehicle for a family trip, that may help narrow the choice a little, as some of the smallest auto rental businesses may not have that type of vehicle so readily available.

Rate is very important when renting a car and even the largest auto rental businesses can have a habit of sometimes hiding conditions in the fine print that you may overlook. Have a representative explain rates and any promotions in detail before you make the decision to rent from a certain company. There have been many people surprised by the extra charges they are faced with when returning a vehicle, because they did not understand the mileage or other restrictions that a particular auto rental company imposes.

Word of mouth is often very helpful. Try asking friends family and colleagues who they may have rented a vehicle from, and how pleased they were with the quality of the vehicle and the rates that were charged.

If you have no luck there, you can try heading to the Internet for advice. There are a number of websites that offer consumer reviews of local businesses and services. These reviews are written by members of the general public just like you, and are usually more honest and unbiased than reviews written by a paid writer, who normally has a financial interest in saying good things about a certain company.